Something so simple can be so yet delightful and relaxing. Tea is definite item that I can’t live without. It’s so warm and peaceful and it really helps to destress.

Today was eventful. So much things on my mind but it’s never too late or too early for a nice warm cup of tea.

I’ve always wanted to try the tea containing actual flowers. It looks interesting. It’s spring at the moment but to be honest I drink tea every season.

My favourites include:

Chamomile: good for stress, detoxing and just a nice drink before bed.

Green tea(powder): helps with fullness, helps lose weight and just taste amazing. Make sure to add the correct amount or it will smell overpowering.

Jasmine tea: Smells great and I love the aroma. I drink this when I go to a restaurant always. They’ve served this tea before your meals. Kinda like a Chinese restaurant where the waiters and waitresses go to you so you can choose your food. (Yum Cha!) I still don’t know what that stand for! Please comment if you do. It’s probably something simple that I’ve missed. 

So far that’s all I can think about now. However I’ll update this list once I can think of more or taste new tea. Gotta save up money for the tea store.

Sweet dreams (night time in AUS)



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