Daily Thoughts

Today was a cold and windy day which arrived after a beautiful hot day yesterday. However just as a promised I provided a photo of my new journal/diary where I write my deepest darkest secrets. Haha, I was just kidding. I just wrote entries of my day and emptying my thoughts onto this slab of paper.


It looks so old but really it’s not

This week was eventful but nothing worth mentioning happened. Just got some thoughts thinking what if that or this happened. I started daydreaming about being internet famous or just travelling the world to my favourite countries. Living in the worlds most liveable city, I’m super grateful. I would still like to explore the world and the wonders of the world. How cool would that be?

This upcoming week will be hectic busy. I would be studying for exams and preparing to open a shop where I can sell my clothes or any random things πŸ™‚ (They need a home guys!) Also, this week is performance week for my band at school πŸ™‚ Super duper excited! I’m on the keyboard and I practice heaps for it! It’s also my mothers birthday tomorrow so haha a family celebration will be taking place soon.

Again, the issue of friendships has been arising for me. Its like I have these thoughts that I am spending such a good time with them and so that my brain says all random negative crap about not having true friends or these friends will just leave you in the end. (Best to ignore this thoughts but make sure you realise having negative thoughts is normal!) Hoping the best to come to all of you! And if you followed me thank you so much! πŸ™‚

Hope you like my blog and posts!







“Where dreams happen”

Beside the point that today is Halloween and almost an end to my long school weekend, I have a few announcements to make!

Today is the day where I received my journal!! (Will post picture later in another blog post which is dedicated to writing/journals) Although it looks printed, it was still pretty and I treasured it a lot. I haven’t been neglecting this blog but things have been busy. (again with exams but I find it a hard time trying to study for them)Β 

Things I need to say before I forget: otherwise known as announcements (not much but the first one is the one which I’m most excited about!!!)

  • I’m creating an eBay shop/Depop shop to sell some of my clothes that needs a new home πŸ™‚Β (I’ll provide the link later maybe late or early December)Β I’m super excited for this! I hope peopleΒ buy things in my shop!Β 
  • Revealing holiday plans soon! (Photography ideas?)Β (Hoping for a trip to the beach for some photography which I will gladly post on this blog!)

A shop that I am looking forward in to buying things is: The Jacks

Their candles are so cute and edgy and I’m dying to get the black deer with a yellow candle. Please check out their website! (It’s pretty awesome)

That’s all for today! Happy Halloween (If you are in Australia/other parts in the world that is ahead of US)


Daily Thoughts


I took a moment to appreciate the sunset and just took a moment to pause and be in the present moment. I haven’t blog in a few days because I’m quite busy and exams are not far. Hopefully after the hectic schedule I can post more on my online diary. aka blog.

I thank everyone who followed my budding blog. To be honest I’d never thought I’d pass 3 followers. πŸ™‚ So super excited.

This is sort of a new segment that I do and I will try to make it weekly πŸ™‚ It’s called daily thoughts and each blog post I’ll mention and talk about things that came across my mind which is worth mentioning. It could be uplifting or depressing and maybe short or long but it would be something worth reading or noting, well for me. But I hope you find it interesting too (Plus maybe you might get glimpse of my photography like that picture of a sunset above!)

Todays daily thoughts would be focusing on friendships and what I think of them. (Plus maybe a bit of a back story)

For me, friendships would be always a come and go thing. I never had a friend who would stay for longer than 5 years. They either make new other friends or just simply leave. As a kid it made me insecure and conscious that everybody had a “friendship group” while I didn’t. At first I denied being alone and always and maybe desperately tried to fit in. But in the end I was the one who got hurt. It took years and all kinds of friendships to see that I have to be my own best friend first. I needed to stop looking for acceptance from others and just accept myself and just be happy with who I am and how far I come.

In this life my mother always told me that friends come and go. Some people believe they stay forever. Maybe they’ve found the “true friend” who laughs, shares secrets, helps you, listens and do all sort of great stuff that close friends do. Some times I look at it as like a sunset. Friends come and go like a sun rises and sets. You take a moment and enjoy the feeling of it coming and going. Sometimes I picture it as a metaphor that you only enjoy memories and as soon as it is gone you let it go and look forward to the next one. People are like that too.

Right now I’m working on myself. I’m imperfect but okay and I have lots of inspirations and dreams. Learning from years from depending on others and being that duckling who follows people around, I for the first time, would like to be independent and a leader. I’ve learnt to lean on myself and be content in spending time alone and with myself. Helping others and maybe encouraging them too is something I look forward to do in the future. Maybe helping that young child who is struggling to fit on or that adolescent teenager who can’t quite find their group.

For I am too, waiting on my true friend to arrive.



Something so simple can be so yet delightful and relaxing. Tea is definite item that I can’t live without. It’s so warm and peaceful and it really helps to destress.

Today was eventful. So much things on my mind but it’s never too late or too early for a nice warm cup of tea.

I’ve always wanted to try the tea containing actual flowers. It looks interesting. It’s spring at the moment but to be honest I drink tea every season.

My favourites include:

Chamomile: good for stress, detoxing and just a nice drink before bed.

Green tea(powder): helps with fullness, helps lose weight and just taste amazing. Make sure to add the correct amount or it will smell overpowering.

Jasmine tea: Smells great and I love the aroma. I drink this when I go to a restaurant always. They’ve served this tea before your meals. Kinda like a Chinese restaurant where the waiters and waitresses go to you so you can choose your food. (Yum Cha!) I still don’t know what that stand for! Please comment if you do. It’s probably something simple that I’ve missed.Β 

So far that’s all I can think about now. However I’ll update this list once I can think of more or taste new tea. Gotta save up money for the tea store.

Sweet dreams (night time in AUS)


Daily Music Inspirations


Recently, I’ve been listening to Hey Violet and they are so adorable and their music is just perfect. I’ve come to known this group through my circle of friends who are certainly mad obsessed and recently we went to a concert which featured them performing their songs. At the time I was just a newbie and Β I didn’t really listened to their album but now I’m listening to it 24/7

They are style goals and Nia Lovelis is my inspiration. I aspire to be a cool drummer like her one day. She’s so badass. If I could pull off short hair I’d totally copy her style. (She makes me wanna learn drums)

Who knows? Maybe I will one day.



The Australian Outback

I thought I’d start of the day with a photo of the Australian Outback. I’m pretty proud of the colour, it looks so clear (besides the blur) and the colour of the grass is really appealing to look at. This was taken a few days ago and I live in an area where the neighbourhood is basically nature and a widespread of grass.

And yes we do see kangaroos, but we don’t ride on kangaroos to school or anywhere. I find it hilarious that people outside of Australia thinks that it’s a deadly place and that everything practically kills you. Well not everything does but we do have large spiders and annoying weeds with spikes. So yeah enjoy your holiday in Australia πŸ™‚

If anyone has questions about Australia or on how I’m still living please don’t hesitate to comment πŸ™‚


Anxiety + Depression


“Be gentle to yourself, you’re doing the best you can”

Yay I’m up to my second post on this blog πŸ™‚ (Whoopie!, P.S i commented on Marzia’s recent blog post hoping she’ll notice me! *notice me senpai*

Now lets jump in this topic. Firstly, this is a personal issue that i’ve dealt with all my life and I am still dealing with to this day.

I’m a pretty anxious person, and when I say anxious it used to be the butterfly thing in the stomach but now it evolved to something. It plays with my emotions and to be honest I’m not really proud of that. Well nobody is proud of their anxiety/depression.

It truly sucks but in the long run it made me stronger. My social anxiety decreased and I am fully aware of all the coping mechanisms out there. Another thing that bugs me is all the unwanted thoughts that I have. I get things that I don’t want to think about and it absolutely just ruins my day.

However another good thing is that I’ve reached out. I see a psychologist who I talk to on a weekly basis and she’s pretty awesome. Ever since I got help I feel like I can truly manage it. So if you are reading this and suffering from anxiety and depression, I urge you to seek out and get help. I know how scary it can be, trust me i’ve been there. Just know that you aren’t alone and this shall soon pass πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading this πŸ™‚ and hope you enjoy your day or night Β (where ever you are)