plants and nature make me happy

Even from a young age, visiting parks and feeding ducks was my go to hobby. Before the need of technology occurred in me I found that nature and its wonders were my obsessions. My parents can recall me picking up dried up leaves during autumn in the city (yes they were dirty and they continuously told me to put it back which I reluctantly did)

I apologise for my previous blogpost. It wasn’t the best rant and it was very emotional indeed. I just needed some place to rant my emotions because I find bottling it up won’t help or do any good but mostly heighten the pain. Yes finding valuable friends is hard and going through tough breakups (the friendship kind ha. I’m a single pringle forever) makes you stronger and more wiser, although the terrible set of mind it puts you through.

By looking at nature and plants it calms me and just grounds me back to reality (as cheesy that sounds) Recently I’ve been getting back to writing in my personal diary which one day I hope becomes a special relic. That would be really cool! Like in 2100 or something they might dig it up and sit down to read my pathetic entries filled with emotion and drama haha! Sorry, I’ve been watching too many treasure hunt videos on Youtube. I must admit, those videos are addicting. Speaking about watching stuff, I’ve binged watched the whole season of 13 reasons why. A beautiful and tragically realistic take on teenage life and high school. (although all tv shows and movies are overdramatic)

Sorta went off topic on this post, oh well.

I still hope you enjoy reading my random thoughts and posts about my life so far in this little cute quiet blog.

Signing out,



Feeling crappy.

Okay, I would like to share some thoughts with the small online blog hoping that neither any of my friends will stumble upon this.

Yes. I’m having drama with my friends. Like pretty bad drama to the point I’m moving away from them because I don’t feel included or loved and even ignored. It’s alright because I’m used to it. She wasn’t a true friend and never will be. I thought this was the one friendship that would last, however, I thought wrong. I feel so useless, unimportant and I’m just laughing about it. I apologise if i sound crappy or anything like that but its just its hard to keep it in without crying constantly. She doesn’t care at all. I’m like second best and I won’t accept this at all.

This is unfair if I put 100% in the friendship where she puts like less than 50%.

That’s it. I’m done.


It has been awhile.

I’m terribly sorry for neglecting my blog.

I’m so busy I have not time for myself to write at all. Senior year is hard and can be distracting from the things I like to do, like to write.

However a few things have been a delight during my absence on this blog which I am more than happy to share with you guys.

I discovered this Australian magazine through one of my best friends from school. It’s called frankie and its 100% my aesthetic. Here is the website. There is cool bits and bobs and its very entertaining (visually haha) Please reply down in the comments on what you think 🙂 Now I’m dedicated in collecting all the issues! Recently the website had a issue sale resulting in almost all of the old issues being sold out 😦 So far I have 3 issues of frankie sitting on my bookshelf. The covers are also often pretty and nice to look at, like everything from the site.

Reese chocolate peanut butter cups is the second best thing that I ever tasted this year (behind Cha time Guava Grapefruit frozen drink) Its a classic American chocolate snack that I wished I discovered earlier. (trying to eat in portions haha)

Recently I’ve visited my love for nature. I started to draw botanical drawings of plants and several insects like bees. Nature is beautiful and something we all take for granted. Posting my art on this blog is something I’m leaning towards. Planning on making a drawing scrapbook. The materials I use are copic markers, art paper and gel pens plus the most important tools; the eraser and pencil.

Feeling terribly sorry for neglecting the blog. So busy this year. Maybe next year I’ll post more frequently due to graduating from school 🙂


Summer/Autumn Goals

Summer is ending soon here in Australia and I’m sort of relieved and sad because I love the heat but I got tons of Autumn/Winter clothes. I wanted to post this because I know I would probably forget my goals for the upcoming seasons.

Personally, I think having goals is a good thing and is something to look forward to achieve  (make sure its realistic though!). Its a lot like New Years resolutions except people actually complete more goals then resolutions! LOL Well I certainly did.

Here are my goals for Summer/Autumn 2017:

  • Get fit. (I need exercise and need to get fit. They said you lose more weight in the winter because your body generates more heat to keep you warm??)
  • Eat well (I’m guilty for this because I’ve been eating more junk food and letting myself go wild without a restriction. It’s terrible I know)
  • Do less unnecessary shopping (To be honest its more to buy things I need not I want)
  • Study hard and effectively (I’m no stranger when it comes to procrastination. I want get stuff done)
  • Make more friends (Its always good to open yourself to different people and not be stuck with one friendship group)
  • Be more positive! (This is something I am working on and it will be rewarding in the end)

Those are the goals I can think on the top of my head but I’m pretty sure there is more but I probably forgot or its just pretty minor.

Hopefully this motivates any of your to create goals for the upcoming months and even possibly years. (I’m not the best motivational person but you know where I’m coming from haha)


It’s over 

I’m now officially a senior and next year is my last year of high school. My school has a so called early commencement, which means we start the next year alongside the workload a bit earlier so we can do homework on the holidays. I’ve met all my new teachers and they seem really good and some are hilarious. 

Exams are officially over which I’m glad to say so I can kick back an relax on holidays before the hectic workload arrives next year. It’s been an exciting journey this one and I deeply apologise for not updating my blog. I hope I haven’t been forgotten by the lovely WordPress people whom I met and follow me. I have not forgotten this blog! 

I would probably give a update tonight about how things are and my plans for the holidays. I have heaps, hopefully I live  up to them to actually do it (like my New Years resolutions).

I would be also starting posts on this week interesting buys. Maybe? Should I do it? I think it would be interesting. If I buy things each week haha. 

Thanks for reading this again and right now is more of a time to chill and relax and get a head start to my senior year and all the stresses! 

Now here’s a random cute logo of a cat on a shirt that I couldn’t buy because it wasn’t my size *sad face*

Until next time xoxo,


Daily Thoughts


I took a moment to appreciate the sunset and just took a moment to pause and be in the present moment. I haven’t blog in a few days because I’m quite busy and exams are not far. Hopefully after the hectic schedule I can post more on my online diary. aka blog.

I thank everyone who followed my budding blog. To be honest I’d never thought I’d pass 3 followers. 🙂 So super excited.

This is sort of a new segment that I do and I will try to make it weekly 🙂 It’s called daily thoughts and each blog post I’ll mention and talk about things that came across my mind which is worth mentioning. It could be uplifting or depressing and maybe short or long but it would be something worth reading or noting, well for me. But I hope you find it interesting too (Plus maybe you might get glimpse of my photography like that picture of a sunset above!)

Todays daily thoughts would be focusing on friendships and what I think of them. (Plus maybe a bit of a back story)

For me, friendships would be always a come and go thing. I never had a friend who would stay for longer than 5 years. They either make new other friends or just simply leave. As a kid it made me insecure and conscious that everybody had a “friendship group” while I didn’t. At first I denied being alone and always and maybe desperately tried to fit in. But in the end I was the one who got hurt. It took years and all kinds of friendships to see that I have to be my own best friend first. I needed to stop looking for acceptance from others and just accept myself and just be happy with who I am and how far I come.

In this life my mother always told me that friends come and go. Some people believe they stay forever. Maybe they’ve found the “true friend” who laughs, shares secrets, helps you, listens and do all sort of great stuff that close friends do. Some times I look at it as like a sunset. Friends come and go like a sun rises and sets. You take a moment and enjoy the feeling of it coming and going. Sometimes I picture it as a metaphor that you only enjoy memories and as soon as it is gone you let it go and look forward to the next one. People are like that too.

Right now I’m working on myself. I’m imperfect but okay and I have lots of inspirations and dreams. Learning from years from depending on others and being that duckling who follows people around, I for the first time, would like to be independent and a leader. I’ve learnt to lean on myself and be content in spending time alone and with myself. Helping others and maybe encouraging them too is something I look forward to do in the future. Maybe helping that young child who is struggling to fit on or that adolescent teenager who can’t quite find their group.

For I am too, waiting on my true friend to arrive.


Daily Music Inspirations


Recently, I’ve been listening to Hey Violet and they are so adorable and their music is just perfect. I’ve come to known this group through my circle of friends who are certainly mad obsessed and recently we went to a concert which featured them performing their songs. At the time I was just a newbie and  I didn’t really listened to their album but now I’m listening to it 24/7

They are style goals and Nia Lovelis is my inspiration. I aspire to be a cool drummer like her one day. She’s so badass. If I could pull off short hair I’d totally copy her style. (She makes me wanna learn drums)

Who knows? Maybe I will one day.